Ottawa, Canada welcomed me into Club 2014

I, Lottie, enjoyed my stay here in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. While here, I was made a member of Club 2014.  This is the organizing group for the Canadian National Square and Round Dance Convention to take place here in Ottawa in July, 2014. They hope to see me and all my dancing friends from the U.S.A. for some great dancing and to renew old and make new friendships. Now I’m continuing my journey in the care of Lorraine Cole and Ken Phillips. They are off to 3/4 day of dancing at the Toronto and district convention.  Sorry, but no one took pictures of me and all the fun we had.

Time to go north again!

I have had an exciting time in Myrtle Beach. Jim and June belong to both MPR square dance clubs and also to the A club: the Dixie Diamonds, which meets Wednesdays in Surfside Beach at the Senior Center. The Monday and Thursday clubs meet at the Senior Center on 21st Ave North…not far down from the Convention Center in Myrtle Beach. All dances start at seven. Don’t miss a dance with them–they’re a fun bunch!

They received me and my chick–they called her my little “piggy-back” loonie–from Dick and Irma Halstead at our Monday night club, The Sand Dollars, just a couple of months ago, and now they are in the photo giving me to my new care-givers, Paul and Gloria LaVigne, at our Thursday night club, The Grand Strand Strutters…with whom we just two weeks ago celebrated their 39th Anniversary. WOW!
 Now Paul and Gloria will soon be taking us back to the North Country, and more adventures who knows where!
This is a fun place and the chick and I have not had a dull moment here…there is so much more to Myrtle Beach than just a beach. So don’t miss the things that we have enjoyed: The Sky Wheel, Broadway At The Beach, The Carolina Opry, Brook Green Gardens, the Marsh Walk…and too many other things to list here, but the as-advertised biggies are golfing, swimming, entertainment…and for us and you, square dancing! 
Check it out, you will love it as much as Jim and June do!

On the move again!

Lottie here–I’m on the move again!
It seems such a short time ago that Rose & Erich Klippel entrusted me to Dick and Irma, and now, just nineteen days later, and with my “chick” still comfortably in place on my back, I am on the move again; however, I have almost another thousand miles in my log-book!
We left the Rochester, NY area, where Irma & Dick serve as Co-Presidents along with Lou & Gail Trablazi of the Rochester Area Federation of Round and Square Dancers, an extraordinarily successful organization of eighteen clubs–an area where you can dance any day of the week with fun people and to great callers, the likes of Mike Callahan, our resident national caller.
But, back to my travels. We arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC, on the 28th of December and celebrated their 61st Anniversary with their joined-at-the-hip square dance friends Andy and Kay Anderson; just in time also for the annual Whale-Of-A-Dance Weekend featuring Tony Oxendine, Jerry Biggerstaff, and Jimmy Robertson. 

Good friends Rod and Deb Schafer, formerly of Rochester, and new residents of Wilmington, NC, joined us for a whale of a weekend…at which time they also asked James & June Hindle, who really get around a lot also, if they would like to adopt me for awhile. They happily agreed.
We danced with the Sand Dollar Squares last night, one of the three local clubs “Jim” and June belong to, (as do Dick and Irma), and with Club Caller, Joel Spivey, looking on, made the formal presentation. June loves me and my chick already…and you can tell by the “Impish” countenance of hubby Jim, that we are headed for more fun and adventures.
(Note from Dick: Irma and I thank Erich & Rosalie Klippel for entrusting Lottie and her chick to us for awhile…and for the fun adventures we have had together.)
Happiness is right around your corner as we travel on!
Hugs all around.

Lottie heads to South Carolina

Yesterday evening, at dinner, Erich and Rosalie Klippel called Dick & Irma Halstead to verify that it would be okay to bring me (Lottie) to their home in Palmyra, NY. They were inviting me and my chick to travel with them!! They were leaving bright and early the next day for their winter quarters in Myrtle Beach, SC., where they rent what is advertised as a “Lakeside Villa”; however, it is actually a nicely furnished 2BR, bath and 1/2, kitchen/living rm combo Park Model at the Lakewood Camping Resort–a very fun Ocean Front facility with lots to do and many friends to do it with…most notably their joined-at-the-hip square dance friends, Andy & Kay Anderson, of the Cayuga Cut Ups, and Union Springs, NY.
As you can see, all went well in the loving transfer of custody. Of course, with it being just three days shy of Christmas Eve, it seemed appropriate to take communion in celebration of the occasion, and especially the birth of Christ, His love for us, and our love for each other.
When they saw my chick riding along, they noted that my love is also manifest in my tender caring of my chick, so securely and contently nestled on my back. They made sure that both sides of the accompanying card are legible so that all who view this can share in the wonder of Minnesota’s State Bird. (Oh, I’m starting to miss all my Minnesota friends again.)
For the next two years, Dick & Irma are presidents of the Rochester Area Federation of Round and Square Dancers, embracing eighteen clubs from Buffalo to Syracuse, and South to Bath, NY, near the Pennsylvania border. They belong to The Southern Tier Wheelers and are NE Area Representatives for the NSDCA; The Shamrock Squares, an “A” club in Rochester, a Mike Callahan Caller Run Club; and the Copy Cats, in Pennfield, NY. During the winter in Myrtle Beach, they belong to three clubs there also…and hope to find me and chick a new home there this winter.
Myrtle Beach also hosts the Carolina Festival the last weekend in January and other big dances throughout the winter featuring Tony Oxendine, Jerry Biggerrstaff, Tim Mariner, to mention a few. The point being: I will have many opportunities to discover who might love me the most…and carry on this fun and adventurous trip. Oh I’m looking forward to all that dancing in South Carolina!

Having fun in Rochester, New York

OK, I know I procrastinated, and I’m really sorry, but I am finally trying to let everyone know where I, Lottie, am and have been for quite awhile–having fun in Rochester, New York, with the Klippels. Without Rosalie and Erich knowing, I secretly watched “Friendship Set to Music” one night on cable–you know it airs here in Rochester! I miss all my friends back in Minnesota so it was good seeing you on TV again.

Sandy & Dick Jones gave me to Erich & Rosalie Klippel at the Southern Tier Wheelers in Campbell, New York. I traveled to Watkins Glen, New York, in September of this year. There was a great festival there hosted by the Penn Yan Squaredancing group. Since then, I’ve become a semi-resident in Rochester, New York–great place with great hospitality!

Rosalie & Erich let me live in their RV since my arrival–what a deal! They won’t admit to the the “loony-ness” that they’ve exhibited as a result of my hanging out with them. Fun people!

They’re promising to let me get on with my travels by giving me to some friends who plan to travel south for the winter. Since Rosalie and Erich still work, their travel is restricted during the winter months.

So have a very “Loony” Christmas season and a safe New Year. Talk at your soon!

Larry Meets Walter and Jeanette

Larry here checking in.  I spent time with Theresa and Andrew and their parents in Indiana.  At the end of July we went to dance with their home club, the Star Righters in Michigan City, Indiana.  Tom Davis was the caller and Shirley Heiny was the cuer. It was there that I met Walter and Jeanette from Anthony, Florida.  They have been traveling around in their camper.  So I am off to parts unknown in the camper. Now I just have to try to remember what I learned in caller’s school……that’s right allemande left then a right and left grand.

See you down the road,


Larry’s in Indiana

Larry here checking in.  After Leaving the Minnesota State Convention in Rochester, MN I traveled with Theresa and Andrew and their parents down to the Heart of America Caller’s School in Topeka, KS.  There I met Jerry Junck, Tim Marriner and Paul Heinze.  While I was in Kansas I stopped by the CallerLab Home Office and met Dana, Wade and the rest of the staff.  From Kansas it was back on the road again to Detroit, MI and the 60th National Square Dance Convention where I watched Theresa and Andrew call.  I am now back home in Indiana with Theresa and Andrew and I am helping them practice.  I am looking forward to going to their home club called the Star Righters of Michigan City, IN.  We will be dancing there at the end of July.  Maybe if I keep hanging out with callers I can learn to yodel.  See you at a dance somewhere down the road



Larry’s going to Caller’s School

Larry here, well Vince took me to
the Minnesota State Square Dance Convention on June 10th. While there he heard
two new young callers by the name of Teresa and Andrew Berger from Newcarlyle
IN and thought that they would be a fun group to travel with. These two
individuals are brother and sister, ages 16 and 17 respectively, and were
leaving on Sunday June 12th to attend Jerry Junck’s caller school. They started
square dancing 6 years ago and have been calling for a year now. They enjoy
square and tap dancing, Teresa also does ballet, and they also love theater and
musicals. I know that I will have fun going to places with them especially
caller school, but I will miss Lacy who is Vince’s pet companion. Good Bye

Larry and Vince

I went home with Vince and was only there for a
few days before he was going to take me to the Minnesota State Convention in
Rochester MN. While I was with him he took me down to Akin park in Anoka along
the Rum river. The first photo is me with Vince’s companion Lacy, she was real
nice to me and didn’t try to hurt me, at the park with the Mississippi
river in the far background. The other photo is at the same park where Vince
showed me some relatives, that being Canadian geese and some Mallards. He is
now going to take me to the State Square Dance Convention

Larry moves to Anoka, MN

Donna gave me to Vince at the “Jerry Story” dance at the Crystal Community Center. Looking on from the back of the stage are callers Dick Rueter and Jerry Story and WestonkaWhirlers’ presidents Bruce and Diana.

Wow! What a dance! That Jerry has so much energy when he calls a dance that Vince and I needed to sleep in for a couple of days!