Having fun in Rochester, New York

OK, I know I procrastinated, and I’m really sorry, but I am finally trying to let everyone know where I, Lottie, am and have been for quite awhile–having fun in Rochester, New York, with the Klippels. Without Rosalie and Erich knowing, I secretly watched “Friendship Set to Music” one night on cable–you know it airs here in Rochester! I miss all my friends back in Minnesota so it was good seeing you on TV again.

Sandy & Dick Jones gave me to Erich & Rosalie Klippel at the Southern Tier Wheelers in Campbell, New York. I traveled to Watkins Glen, New York, in September of this year. There was a great festival there hosted by the Penn Yan Squaredancing group. Since then, I’ve become a semi-resident in Rochester, New York–great place with great hospitality!

Rosalie & Erich let me live in their RV since my arrival–what a deal! They won’t admit to the the “loony-ness” that they’ve exhibited as a result of my hanging out with them. Fun people!

They’re promising to let me get on with my travels by giving me to some friends who plan to travel south for the winter. Since Rosalie and Erich still work, their travel is restricted during the winter months.

So have a very “Loony” Christmas season and a safe New Year. Talk at your soon!

Larry Meets Walter and Jeanette

Larry here checking in.  I spent time with Theresa and Andrew and their parents in Indiana.  At the end of July we went to dance with their home club, the Star Righters in Michigan City, Indiana.  Tom Davis was the caller and Shirley Heiny was the cuer. It was there that I met Walter and Jeanette from Anthony, Florida.  They have been traveling around in their camper.  So I am off to parts unknown in the camper. Now I just have to try to remember what I learned in caller’s school……that’s right allemande left then a right and left grand.

See you down the road,


Larry’s in Indiana

Larry here checking in.  After Leaving the Minnesota State Convention in Rochester, MN I traveled with Theresa and Andrew and their parents down to the Heart of America Caller’s School in Topeka, KS.  There I met Jerry Junck, Tim Marriner and Paul Heinze.  While I was in Kansas I stopped by the CallerLab Home Office and met Dana, Wade and the rest of the staff.  From Kansas it was back on the road again to Detroit, MI and the 60th National Square Dance Convention where I watched Theresa and Andrew call.  I am now back home in Indiana with Theresa and Andrew and I am helping them practice.  I am looking forward to going to their home club called the Star Righters of Michigan City, IN.  We will be dancing there at the end of July.  Maybe if I keep hanging out with callers I can learn to yodel.  See you at a dance somewhere down the road



Larry’s going to Caller’s School

Larry here, well Vince took me to
the Minnesota State Square Dance Convention on June 10th. While there he heard
two new young callers by the name of Teresa and Andrew Berger from Newcarlyle
IN and thought that they would be a fun group to travel with. These two
individuals are brother and sister, ages 16 and 17 respectively, and were
leaving on Sunday June 12th to attend Jerry Junck’s caller school. They started
square dancing 6 years ago and have been calling for a year now. They enjoy
square and tap dancing, Teresa also does ballet, and they also love theater and
musicals. I know that I will have fun going to places with them especially
caller school, but I will miss Lacy who is Vince’s pet companion. Good Bye

Larry and Vince

I went home with Vince and was only there for a
few days before he was going to take me to the Minnesota State Convention in
Rochester MN. While I was with him he took me down to Akin park in Anoka along
the Rum river. The first photo is me with Vince’s companion Lacy, she was real
nice to me and didn’t try to hurt me, at the park with the Mississippi
river in the far background. The other photo is at the same park where Vince
showed me some relatives, that being Canadian geese and some Mallards. He is
now going to take me to the State Square Dance Convention

Larry moves to Anoka, MN

Donna gave me to Vince at the “Jerry Story” dance at the Crystal Community Center. Looking on from the back of the stage are callers Dick Rueter and Jerry Story and WestonkaWhirlers’ presidents Bruce and Diana.

Wow! What a dance! That Jerry has so much energy when he calls a dance that Vince and I needed to sleep in for a couple of days!



Lottie’s off to New York

Hi All,
I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to check back in. Gladys and I and my chick  danced around in the Ocala, FL area: Top Of the World, The Villages, Oak Run, and Bellview. In the photo are Dick Jones, Gladys Brown, Loretta Hanhurst, Don Hanhurst , and Sandy Jones. Then she passed me on to Sandy and Dick Jones. They are snow birds so now I’m in Watkins Glen, N. Y.Lottie and the chick

Larry’s in St. Cloud

Hello from Larry.

I started this next part of my journey on a bus. Gael Jakel of the County Line Squares picked me up in Alexandria on a “Mystery Bus Tour” with 3 squares of dancers.

After spending a couple of nights in her house in Buffalo, MN,  I climbed back into a nice white bag and traveled to St Cloud, MN, where I saw some plus dancers dancing with the ETTA dancers.  From I there flew off with Donna Bloch.

Hope to see yo

u in a square this summer.

Hey, where the heck is Alice? And Lottie? And Lola?


Alice is helping with 2012 Convention

Hi All,
I’m here in Spokane, where the 61st National Square Dance Convention will be held in 2012 and have been very busy going to many dances and lessons.  Everyone loves me and thinks I’m so cute!  All loons are cute!
Along with Washington, I traveled to Oregon and California with Patti.  On March 26th I  attended the Pre-convention Dance for the 2012 Nationals at the Spokane Convention Center.
Tomorrow Patti and I are headed for San Diego to attend the California State Convention.  She had taken lots of photos of me, but now she’s in a big hurry! As she says, “We gotta fly!”   Talk more soon.

Meet Larry

Hello: I’m Larry, the newest member of the Minnesota Square Dance Loons.  In the next few months I have been told I will be traveling to Moorhead, MN for the Golden PLUS Weekend, Cedar Rapids, IA for the Iowa State Convention and to Las Vegas, NV for the CallerLab Convention.  From there who knows where I will be heading.  I hope to see you at a dance!