On the move again!

Lottie here–I’m on the move again!
It seems such a short time ago that Rose & Erich Klippel entrusted me to Dick and Irma, and now, just nineteen days later, and with my “chick” still comfortably in place on my back, I am on the move again; however, I have almost another thousand miles in my log-book!
We left the Rochester, NY area, where Irma & Dick serve as Co-Presidents along with Lou & Gail Trablazi of the Rochester Area Federation of Round and Square Dancers, an extraordinarily successful organization of eighteen clubs–an area¬†where you can dance any day of the week with fun people and to great callers, the likes of Mike Callahan, our resident national caller.
But, back to my travels. We arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC, on the 28th of December and celebrated their 61st Anniversary with their joined-at-the-hip square dance friends Andy and Kay Anderson; just in time also for the annual Whale-Of-A-Dance Weekend featuring Tony Oxendine, Jerry Biggerstaff, and Jimmy Robertson. 

Good friends Rod and Deb Schafer, formerly of Rochester, and new residents of Wilmington, NC, joined us for a whale of a weekend…at which time they also asked James & June Hindle, who really get around a lot also, if they would like to adopt me for awhile. They happily agreed.
We danced with the Sand Dollar Squares last night, one of the three local clubs “Jim” and June belong to, (as do Dick and Irma), and with Club Caller, Joel Spivey, looking on, made the formal presentation. June loves me and my chick already…and you can tell by the “Impish” countenance of hubby Jim, that we are headed for more fun and adventures.
(Note from Dick: Irma and I thank Erich & Rosalie Klippel for entrusting Lottie and her chick to us for awhile…and for the fun adventures we have had together.)
Happiness is right around your corner as we travel on!
Hugs all around.

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