Alice is helping with 2012 Convention

Hi All,
I’m here in Spokane, where the 61st National Square Dance Convention will be held in 2012 and have been very busy going to many dances and lessons.  Everyone loves me and thinks I’m so cute!  All loons are cute!
Along with Washington, I traveled to Oregon and California with Patti.  On March 26th I  attended the Pre-convention Dance for the 2012 Nationals at the Spokane Convention Center.
Tomorrow Patti and I are headed for San Diego to attend the California State Convention.  She had taken lots of photos of me, but now she’s in a big hurry! As she says, “We gotta fly!”   Talk more soon.

Alice off to Patti’s house in Spokane

I traveled with Bob and Carol Mulholland to Wenatchee, WA.  Johnny and Lydia Preston handed me to them in California while visiting the Salton Sea RV Park and SPA Resort.  We all enjoyed a nice visit at the Salton Sea with three other square dance couples.  But, soon it was time to return to their home in Washington state.  Their cat Buddy checked me out–that was scary, but I passed the test and we became buddies!

Bob and Connie are inviting all of you to visit Spokane, Washington, in 2012 for the 61st National Square Dance Convention. (I’m even hoping I get back to Spokane for that big party!)

At the club dance on Saturday, January 22, 2011, they gave me to a fellow club member, Patti Schroeder, who also lives in Spokane. And can you believe this?  She thanked them for giving her the bird!  Oh my!  Can’t wait to see what happens in her square dance world!  Talk soon!

Alice travels with the Prestons

Alice here,  checking in again.  I have been traveling with Lydia & Johnny Preston for the past month.  I met a fellow friend, Daisy Duck, at the Preston’s home in Fultondale, Alabama.  Daisy invited me to swim in their pool; much to our surprise, it was closed so we surfed the waves in their hot tub!  

I went to a couple more square dance classes at the Wheel Arounds and  club dances.  November 1, Lydia and Johnny started their drive to Niland, California, for the winter with me chilling in their back seat.  I watched the miles go by munching on Goldfish crackers & sipping on juices while we drove through Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and on to Oklahoma.   We stopped to visit relatives and spend the night in Chocktaw, OK . On we went the next morning through Texas and stopped  in Gallop, New Mexico, for the night.  We stopped and saw the meteor crater in Arizona.  That was really something to see.

Johnny did not have any square dances to call on our cross- country drive.  We arrived in Temecula, California, and visited with Johnny’s mother and sister for a few days.  We had a day at the Temecula Park with the relatives, and we ran into a thousand of my duckie cousins.  That was great to see them again.  We drove out to the desert where the Prestons have their winter haven at the Fountain of Youth Resort.  Johnny is the resident caller and Lydia is the resident nurse.  We set up housekeeping for a day and took a walk around the park.  It was very nice.  I tried to hide from Lydia in one of the palm trees, but she found me.

I went to the FOY dance lessons and club night a couple of times. At my last dance with them, Johnny asked me to do a singing call at our Hobo dance.  

See me?  I’m a caller!!!

That was on November 17, and I also met the nice couple, Bob and Connie Mulholland, from Wenatchee, WA.

They are the Secretary for 2012 Registration & Housing Committee for the 61st National Square Dance Convention; I’ll be traveling with them to Washington.  It was a fun cross-country-sightseeing trip I took with Lydia and Johnny.  Now I will be a back-seat traveler (not driver!) with the Mulhollands.

Birmingham escapades with Alice

Alice reporting in!

I’ve had such fun in the Birmingham area.  On 10-14 Debra Stewart, wife of Jamie Stewart (caller for the Krazy 8’s, the Covered Bridge Squares and the Dixie Square Thru’s square dance clubs) passed me to Sandra Hawkins at the Regions Bank in Birmingham, AL.  While at the bank, I was treated to a tour of the safe-deposit box area.  I sat patiently on Sandra’s boss’s chair waiting to surprise her with a Happy Boss’ day balloon.  She was delighted!

On 10-14 I was treated with a trip to the country where I enjoyed riding on a 4-wheeler.  I was hoping to find some of my Loon cousins, but unfortunately, no one answered my call.  I enjoyed riding in the basket on the front of the 4-wheeler the best.  I must have caught a cold because I didn’t feel so well for a couple of days.  I’m happy to report that on 10-19 I woke up feeling back to my old self again.  I enjoyed a cup of coffee with George Hawkins while we read the newspaper.

I went to the Wheel Arounds Square Dance club on 10-19 and helped Connie Dutton teach 17 new dancers.   I must say, this group has a lot of potential.  Connie’s really nice also …. she greeted me with a kiss!  I was also introduced to Lydia Preston who is taking me to California.  Lydia surprised me by taking me back to the Wheel Arounds on 10-23 where we enjoyed a “Wear Your Favorite Team Colors” dance with Larry Belcher calling and David Holladay cueing.  The Wheel Arounds are really a fun bunch that meets in Fultondale, AL, at the Birmingham Square Dance Friendship Hall on the 2nd and 4th Friday nights, and I hope to visit them again real soon.

I’m anxiously anticipating my trip across the country to California.   I’m going to enjoy dancing all the way to California!  I’ll be traveling with Johnny and Lydia Preston.

More updates to follow ….. Alice

Visiting Krazy 8s


Hi, Alice here
We traveled to Birmingham, AL and danced with the Krazy 8s,  What a neat, fun-loving club!
They make square dancing FUN! As you can see by the picture, they love to earn fun badges.
Here Bob and Betty found a new guardian for me.  B & B  said they will miss me, and I will miss them too.  I did have a lot of fun at their house and out dancing with them.
My new hosts are Jamie and Debby so I’m looking forward to seeing more of the South.

Visiting the Dancing Pirates

Pictured with “ALICE” is our Square Dance caller Wayne Smith.   You can hear Wayne Smith call at this site:
Alice was visiting with the Dancing Pirates last night (9/30/10) at 7 p.m.  Bob & Betty Davee from Denver, Colo., stopped by the Senior Center (Dancing Pirates), Brandon, MS, for a visit with Alice.   They are taking “Alice” to Birmingham, Alabama,  next week.   I was told that she has already been to 39 States.
Everett & Billie Plunk, Bay Springs, Ms. are president of the “Dancing Pirates.”
We enjoyed having “ALICE” last night and will be checking your site:
Thanks for sharing “ALICE” and the story about the loon being the Minnesota state bird.
Harold Horton
October 1, 2010

We’re off to dance!

Hi,  Alice here

Well, tomorrow, September 29, is the big day; we fly to Jackson, MS.  From there we will travel to Louisiana and Alabama. Somewhere along the way, we hope to find a new guardian for me, one that likes to travel as much as  Bob & Betty do. B & B will come home the 5th of October so stay tuned and find out where I am then.