Lola says Tucson rocks!

This is Lola writing to you from Tucson, AZ.  I arrived here September 9, 2010, by hitching a ride with Jim Wilson and Sandra Nelson from Las Vegas.  They were attending The Great Las Vegas Getaway dancing to Mike Sirkosky and Tony Oxendine.  Kathy and John Wille had brought me from Minnesota and introduced me to Jim and Sandra.

In Tucson, I attended dances called by Marshall Flippo and Don Haney.  Caller Bill Reinders from Green Valley was one of the many dancers.  Tonight, November 20, 2010, we are dancing with the Sundancers in Sun City Vistoso Oro Valley, AZ. The caller is Dale Dockery.   My  intention was to travel to the Yuma, AZ, Festival in February, 2011, but unexpectedly I was asked to go along with Tom and Carol back to their home in the Portland, OR area.  What a travel schedule!  Fly south, fly north, what fun!

Tucson is a great place to dance; checkout for the big festival in January, 2011, the 20-23, with no forecast of snow!

Dancing in Las Vegas

Hi All, Lola here.  After enjoying Mary and Andy’s hospitality, I decided I would like to see the lights of Las Vegas but also go dancing there.

John and Kathy Wille invited me to fly Sun Country with them and dance at the Imperial Palace with Mike Sikorsky and Tony Oxendine.  Wow! That’s big time!

There I was introduced to Sandy and Jim, who were also at the Palace.  I had seen them before in Minnesota at Spares and Pairs’ dances.  They had been visiting Minnesota for the summer and were now traveling back to their home in Tuscon.

I danced and also gambled a little, using the seed money John gave me.  What nice square dancers–just like all the others!  Like to travel?  Join square dancing!

Whatever Lola Wants,…


“Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets”. . .. so I asked Andy and Mary if I could stay in MN a bit longer (I am the State Bird you know).  And, of course, they said, “YES.”

My story is below:

Early One August Day in 2010

I decided to leave my warm cozy pen.

I  went home to stay with Mary and Andy

There I was very happy and life was dandy.

On my first adventure one warm summer day

I was hiding in the flower garden hoping to stay.

I love to watch the dancers in a square

And I couldn’t wait to visit the MN State Fair.

One day I received my badge with my name

Pinned to my chest I now could fly with fame. (Thanks Jim @ Accurate Engraving!)

I want to make my travels here and far away

Staying with square dancers each and every day.

Joyfully with open arms John and Kathy adopted me

At the Spares and Pairs dance with them I would be.

Around the world I will go to see a square dance

For I am on the move knowing life is a big chance.

I enjoyed North Branch Squares meeting royalty

For I know square dancing is my love and loyalty.

So now in September off to Las Vegas I will go

Hoping to Minnesota I will return to see snow.

California, here I come–maybe!

Isn’t there a song about “California here I come?”  Guess what?  Jane released me to Andy and Mary and there’s talk they may be going to California to go square dancing!  I’m so excited–my first trip out of Minnesota–actually I would love to go dancing here too–the people are soooooo nice!  Maybe this is my chance to see the world!  Join square dancing so I can come and stay with you

From Lola

It’s August and it’s HOT here today in Minnesota; however, because I like the lake life, I’m spending my extra time on the water.  As I sit here, I can only think about spending the rest of my life with square dancers!  Do you know that you can dance all over the world and the calls are always in English?  That’s good for me because I haven’t had the opportunity to learn any other language!   Square dancers are such nice people. You know, you should really consider joining this fun activity cuz then I might be able to spend a few days at your house!