Having fun in Rochester, New York

OK, I know I procrastinated, and I’m really sorry, but I am finally trying to let everyone know where I, Lottie, am and have been for quite awhile–having fun in Rochester, New York, with the Klippels. Without Rosalie and Erich knowing, I secretly watched “Friendship Set to Music” one night on cable–you know it airs here in Rochester! I miss all my friends back in Minnesota so it was good seeing you on TV again.

Sandy & Dick Jones gave me to Erich & Rosalie Klippel at the Southern Tier Wheelers in Campbell, New York. I traveled to Watkins Glen, New York, in September of this year. There was a great festival there hosted by the Penn Yan Squaredancing group. Since then, I’ve become a semi-resident in Rochester, New York–great place with great hospitality!

Rosalie & Erich let me live in their RV since my arrival–what a deal! They won’t admit to the the “loony-ness” that they’ve exhibited as a result of my hanging out with them. Fun people!

They’re promising to let me get on with my travels by giving me to some friends who plan to travel south for the winter. Since Rosalie and Erich still work, their travel is restricted during the winter months.

So have a very “Loony” Christmas season and a safe New Year. Talk at your soon!