Larry travels to California and then across the world

Larry here checking in. I went to the “Sail Away” dance on 8/28/2015 that was hosted by the Riverside Single Swinger club at Riverside, California.

On 8/29/2015, I went to Banning, California, for a fun night of square dancing hosted by CCHA (Cow Counties Hoedown Association).

On 9/5/2015, I went to the luau dance at Redlands, California.  The luau dance was hosted by Redlands Bachelor N Bachelorette club.  I  made many friends at this dance!Larry with Caller Andy Larry with BnB mascot Larry with Betty Larry with Howard Larry - RSS USO Benefit Dance

Living in Arizona after National Convention in Springfield

Larry joined Rick Gittelman at the National Square Dance Convention. Rick and Larry flew back to Atlanta were his car was left and drove home to Tucson, AZ from there. Larry enjoyed traveling with SACCA Sam and SADIE, the Southern Arizona Callers Association Mascots. Larry is enjoying the 4th of July weekend at Rick’s home. He got to meet the family dog SAMMY. 

Larry will be attending a few dances here in Tucson in the next few days. Tomorrow RICK A SHAYS Advanced Club and Swingin’ Singles Mainstream Club. On Monday he will be at Green Valley Squares, Tuesday Western Whirlers, all in the Tucson area.
On Thursday Larry will travel with Rick to Southern California were Rick will be calling all weekend. We will continue the update next weekend.

SACCA Sam and SADIE, the Southern Arizona Callers Association Mascots.

SACCA Sam and SADIE, the Southern Arizona Callers Association Mascots.


Larry flies on.

From Larry

Larry has been spending some time in Maine.  Here’s His report

Hi from the woods of Maine!!
we plan to bring Larry to Springfield, Ma. next week & pass him to
another dancer!! he has been on a pond where there are lots of loons & of
course lots of biting bugs.  look forward to “moving on ”

hosts J. Carl & Barbara Fournier
Ebeemee Lake, Maine

Rich Reel’s Birthday Bash

After our California debut at Relay the Reindeer, I and my chick attended Rich Reel’s Birthday Bash on December 12, 2012! A great time was had by all! Darren Gallina called with his band, Crossfire! Here’s a pic of the event with us (and Snack) right in front of all the action!


Relay The Reindeer Dance held by Diablo Dancers

I, Lottie, have been taking it easy since I arrived in California because it’s hot here compared to Minnesota!  When the air turned cooler, I and my chick started itching to get out and dance! In the attached pictures, you’ll see that we attended the Relay The Reindeer Dance held by Diablo Dancers, where we posed for pictures with Steve, Aline, Brad and Lorenzo (his pic is coming)  and had a great time sharing the message of square dancing: it’s all “Friendship Set to Music.”Steve_with_LottieBrad_with_Lottie


Greetings from the West Coast!

After spending a few weeks in the company of Triangle Squares dancers in Toronto, I and my chick Loki (aka Snack) flew with club president Susan C to Vancouver on June 24 for the 29th annual IAGSDC convention, “Dance Up a Storm,” hosted by Squares Across the Border.

We got there a few days early because Susan was attending caller school. We dropped in on the school a few times ourselves, to help the new callers practise their routines.

It was thrilling to see all the new talent in the room. There were students from all across Canada and the US. Hats off to the organizers, and the fabulous coaches: Saundra Bryant (Chicago), Vic Ceder (Los Olivos, CA) and Anne Uebelacker (Vancouver)!

On Friday, June 29, things really got going with a bang. More than 800 dancers from around the world, including 40 from Triangle Squares, descended on the hotel. Some came from as far away as Japan and Germany.

The dancing was fast and furious, with rooms for Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, and Challenge up to C4. Wow! There were a few Hot Hash tips that had to be seen to be believed. I think it was more like square running than dancing! And everyone had a fabulous time.

At the end of it all, I asked Steve Huggins, president of San Francisco’s Foggy City Dancers, if he’d escort me and Loki (aka Snack) to his home club, and he graciously agreed. Yay!

Steve’s club and eight others on the West Coast are busy preparing to host the 30th convention, Weave Your Heart in San Francisco, in 2013, and they’re all working very hard to make it one heck of a party. So he’s given us tourist maps and a key to our new home, and we’re out and about, meeting and greeting.

We don’t know where we’ll end up next, but in the meantime, we’re certainly keeping ourselves busy, enjoying beautiful San Francisco as we prepare for our next adventure!


Lottie checks in.

Oh dear, it may appear as if Lottie is lost!  No, Lottie is in good hands and may be on the move (or will be shortly).  Unfortunately, the only thing lost was my e-mail.

When Paul and Gloria Lavigne asked Lorraine and I to host Lottie we were at the end of our clubs – Capital Steppers and Trackers, both Plus clubs – dance season.  We were, however, heading to Guelph, Ontario to attend the Toronto and District Annual Convention with a stopover in Toronto to join the Triangle Squares for special dance.

We took the opportunity to ask Susan Cox to host Lottie and where delighted to discover that Lottie’s reputation had preceded her so Susan accepted and presented Lottie to the club and guests.  Now we had some technical difficulties with pictures and since many of us where on our way to Guelph the next day, we took advantage and did a ‘re-do’ which Susan has presented below.  As you will note in Susan’s correspondence, Lottie is in good hands and will enjoy more distant and perhaps exotic travels in the coming months.

Best regards,

Ken Phillips

Lottie and Loki in Toronto

Passports firmly clutched in our wings, I, Lottie, and my beautiful little chick flew into Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on May 3, 2012, escorted by Ken Phillips from the Capital Steppers.

To great applause, we landed in the middle of a special dance, called by Montreal caller Don Moger, and supervised the rest of the evening from the caller’s table.

We were beside ourselves when we found out that Canada’s $1 coin is commonly referred to as a Loon,  because it features a beautiful engraving of… yes, a loon!

We’ve been told that a $1 Loon will be going with us, as a memento of our time in Canada.

We are now nesting comfortably with Toronto Triangle Squares club president Susan, well beyond the reach of three very interested cats.

The cats decided to name my chick. By a vote of 2-1, she’s now called Loki.
The losing name was Snack. Bad cat!

We will be flying west with Susan and many other members of Triangle Squares at the end of June. We will be meeting up with hundreds of dancers from around the world to “Dance Up a Storm” in Vancouver.

I’m resting up, because after that continent-spanning trip, we’ll be off to Germany… or maybe Japan. I haven’t made up my mind on which sounds more appealing.

More later…

Cheers from Canada!

Triangle Squares members Chris, Susan and Niall (L-R) are honoured to
receive Lottie from Ken Phillips of the Capital Steppers.





Triangle Squares member Chris introduces Lottie and chick to baby Beatrix.

More later…

Cheers from Canada!

Lottie and Loki
Susan, Nicky, Norah, and Doodle